Here are a few ideas of things to do while visiting DC:

Plan on walking. Your car should only be used to get to a place where it can be parked for the remainder of the day. Parking lots at subway stations often are filled before 7am on weekdays. This is because the Metro opens at 5am! Wear sneakers and bring backpacks. Bring bottled water also. The local subway is called Metro and costs about 8 dollars a day roundtrip from the area of the hotel per person. The Smithsonian Stop on the Orange and Blue will get you to most sights.

Food is expensive downtown, too. Expect to spend upwards of 10 dollars a person for lunch. Any sit down restaurant will be mobbed by fellow tourists. Major Food courts are in the American History Museum, Washington Postal Pavilion, Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, and Union Station. Souvenirs are of course extra but unless noted, all places are free!

Arlington Cemetery: Parking is available, but there is an hourly fee. See the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, JFK's Eternal Flame, Robert E Lee's Mansion, and a host of other famous people, which are buried there.

Federal Bureau of Engraving The Money Store! See where all the money is made! Also buy uncut sheets of money! 16 ones for 21 bucks?!?!? It's called inflation!!!

Iwo Jima Memorial: Neat but quite a hike on foot.

Jefferson Memorial: Totally cool to see. Kinda the dead end of the national mall. Plan to do last in your walking.

Korean War Memorial: I haven't been there so I don't know anything about it.

Library of Congress: Cool to tour the main hall.

Lincoln Memorial: Totally cool to see.

Mount Vernon: Cool to see where Washington made his home. You need to have a car or catch a bus at Union Station. Pricey though. 22 bucks a person to tour the grounds and mansion.

Smithsonian: The largest complex of free public museums in the world. The Smithsonian runs the National Zoo away from the mall (Cleveland Park Metro) and a second airplane themed Museum west of the city. For most of us, the Museums of American History and Air and Space are good enough. Don't forget to check out the Pandas at the Zoo! For the artsy types, feel free to get lost in the half dozen art museums.

US Capitol: Lines are outside in the summer heat. Contact your House Rep or State Senator to see sessions of congress. Tours typically last an hour.

US Supreme Court (Go Inside): Nice to see but you only get to go into the Chamber where oral arguments to the court are made. Often you can see demonstrations for and against various cases outside.

Vietnam Memorial: Very Moving. There isn't much to actually do there. It's on the way to the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Memorial.

Washington Monument - (Orange & Blue Line) Metro Stop - A Must do for everyone. You now need to get tickets in advance. See the link for instructions.

White House (Not Inside): They used to let you walk up but now you must request tickets via your congressman.

WWII Memorial: It is on the way to the Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Memorial via foot.

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