Hello Panama! Well it has only been 8 months since we were in Panama last, but the city looks so different. A lot of the construction has been completed along the coast, so it looks much nicer than I remembered. Humberto's friend Belisario and his girlfriend Jenny picked us up at the Port. We had to take a tender in, but we arrived in Amador, the man-made islands, made of dirt from the Panama Canal. It was great to be back. This area is beautiful. The only downside is that the weather continued to be ugly. All day it rained on and off as we drop around in search of Colombian Ajiaco and went to see Belisario's new house. We also ran a few little errands to get Humberto his favorite green tea that is not available in the States. Now some highlights of the day. We drove across the Bridge of the Americas, yes the bridge on the road that connects Alaska - Canada - North America - Central America to South America. We will sail under this bridge tomorrow. After a day of fun with Belisario, and after visiting Ingrid and Carlos we made it back to catch the very last tender at 6pm. By the last tender I mean the crew out numbered the passangers. When we made it back to the ship we were told we were the last two passangers to get onboard. Nothing like waiting until the last minute right? It is ok though, we are on safe and sound, just waiting to go through the canal early tomorrow morning.

We caught a quick dinner and then went to an early show, where Humberto volunteered to be in the act! It was with a hypnotist! He claims he was NOT hypnotized, but I watched him put bandaids all over his face and tell the woman, you are hurting me, in the voice of a little boy. I have pictures as proof. They will follow as soon as we get home. I promise. Now it is time for bed, we have to be up by 5 to get our spot of the deck for cruising through the Canal tomorrow morning!!! Night!

Newlyweds for: 3411 days