The day we have been waiting for finally arrived. Our ride through the Panama Canal. We got up at 4:30 this morning to get our spot on deck. It was overcast so the sunrise was not that great, but it was still nice to see the city wake up. Our first main attraction was going under the Bridge of the Americas (the bridge we drove over yesterday). Then we entered into the Canal, where a pilot boarded our ship to steer us through the entire process. The first set of locks, Mira Flores, was where we visited back in January. It was great being on the other side this time. Unfortunately it was early so the visitors center was still closed. This set up locks raised the ship up from the level of the Pacific so that we could travel through the mountains. From there we proceeded to the Pedro Miguel lock for one more lift, and then into the Culebra Cut (the portion through the mountains) more details to follow later. Finally after passing through the (massive) manmade Gatun Lake we made it to the final set of locks on the Caribbean side, the Gatun Locks. They had an announcer on the ship who kept pronouncing the lock name incorrectly. It was extremely frustrating. We plan to write a little card with feedback. So our last set of locks stepped us back down to sea level were we began heading for Colombia. It was a long day but we took some fantastic pictures! It was an experience we will never forget!

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