Our final day of the cruise has arrived. It is bitter sweet. What seems to be pretty normal for us, we slept in until 11 and then went for lunch. After we laid out on the pool deck and got in and out of the water. It was extremely hot today so we could not sit out for long without having to take a dip in the pool. Later we went to our cabin to begin the task of packing. It took us over an hour and we still have a little left before we go to bed. Tonight we had dinner in the anytime dining room. We ate with a couple of our table mates, Louise and Ginette. They are very fun company! After dinner we rushed to see another comedian, Carlos Oscar. He was very funny! The hour passed very quickly. From there we went to the Explorers Lounge and watched the onship band. The night was not over yet. From there we went to see the final show in the Princess Theatre, the final karaoke show, and now here we are writing updates.

So our final day has ended. We are off to finish packing up our things so we can be ready for our early departure. Thanks for following along as we had our honeymoon. We will post pictures when we get home and will also post our final day, which technically is tomorrow.

Newlyweds for: 3411 days