In the wee hours of this morning we managed to get into the crew area of the ship and crash a crew party. Humberto spent most of yesterday getting to know some of the hispanic crew members so he could get details on how to sneak past the cameras so we could crash the party. We weren't there very long, but one thing is for sure crew beer is much cheaper than passenger beer!!! The next party will be in about a week. Not sure if I'll go, but Humberto is all about reliving his single days on the ship. Don't worry I'm still keeping him in line.

Today was our first day in a new country. We arrive in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a little before noon. We arrived a bit early because there was an emergency on board that needed help. We didn't spend much time on land as it was over 90 degrees outside and the humidity level was almost 100 percent! We did take the tender over and went through a few of the little shops at the port. Humberto was hanging back as I walked ahead and I had many Mexicans asking if I needed a body guard. I kindly declined. Why would I pay for a body guard when I have one for free. We passed up dinner in the dining tonight, and opted for room service. We then caught a late comedy show, which was funny.

Newlyweds for: 3411 days