Today was a lazy day at sea. We had breakfast in the Horizon Court (or as Humberto continues to call it - The Windjammer) and sat at the front of the ship to look out the windows. Well today was a great day because we spotted several dolphins! We decided to go sit on one of the lower decks and saw even more dolphins swimming along the side of the ship. Humberto even saw some turtles! I was busy relaxing in my lounge chair so I missed them. Around 3 we went for a wine tasting. I only tasted one white wine, which was pretty good. I gave the remaining 4 wines to Humberto. He was very pleased with the cabernet sauvingion and will likely order it for dinner one of these nights. We also spent a lot of time today talking with this nice girl from Ukraine. Her name is Valerlia. After only 4 months she's able to speak fluent Spanish. We were both impressed. And now it's time to see what excursions are available for our next port, Alcapulco.

Newlyweds for: 3411 days