In only half a days time we arrived in Huatulco, Mexico. Ahh much better than Acapulco. This beautiful area was exteremely well planned. It's also not overcrowded like Acapulco. There are plenty of beautiful green spaces and 5 star hotels lining the beaches. We took a bus tour around the little city and got to enjoy some of the beautiful view points from the top of the city. It was hot day, so it was nice getting back on to the air conditioned bus. We even stopped to do a little shopping in the heart of the city. Most people we met spoke English and Spanish as well as their own local dialect. Everyone was very friendly and we only had one problem where a guy accepted our US dollars and then conveniently couldn't make change for us. That was a small problem I won't on, but it was very frustrating. We were only in port for about 4 hours, I wish it could have been longer. This is a place we would love to come back to, but hopefully it'll be before it turns into a major port city and loses all of it's small town charm.

Back on the boat we watched an ice carving demonstration and then took a little nap. Then Humberto went to play Wii at Sea - bowling. He did pretty well for a first timer! For dinner we opted for one of the specialty restaurants. We went to the Bayou Cafe, a New Orleans themed restaurant. The food was great, but very spicy. The service was also excellent. All we had to do was a pay a cover charge to visit this restaurant, and it was worth it. After dinner we went to the luau party on the pool deck. They had a live band with lots of music and dancing. The 24 hour resturant had all sorts of carvings out of fruit, it was amazing. I just wish we could post pictures!!

Newlyweds for: 3411 days