Yet another sea day is upon us. A rainy ugly sea day. What is there to do on days like this? Well plenty, but what did we do? A whole lot of nothing. We did our usual breakfast, well really brunch then went to look for dolphins. There were not any to be seen. So we went back to the room, watched a nice little documentary on the Panal Canal and then took a long nap. We did a little more sea watching in the afternoon and then had dinner in the dining room. It had been a while since we had eating with our dinner companions. This is due to the fact that one guy is extremely annoying, and borderline rude. He crosses the border at least once a night. Anyway, after dinner we went to see a wonderful pianist. He was fantastic. After the show we turned in as we have an early day ahead of us in Panama City!!!

Newlyweds for: 3411 days