His Story:

I knew I had found the woman of my dreams so I searched for the perfect ring, asked her parents for their blessing, and then I proposed.

Her Story:

The week prior to our engagement I won tickets at work to go see a National's baseball game. The Nat's had just moved into a brand new stadium so I was excited to share the news with Humberto, but he seemed disappointed. He wanted to go out to a nice dinner on Saturday, because he wanted me to be able to wear the new jewelry that he given me for my birthday. I held firm because I really wanted to see the game and after all we could always go to dinner some other time. Plus my throat was still a bit sore from my tonsillectomy so I wasn't thrilled about going out to eat. After much discussion we came to a compromise, we would go to the game, but first we'd have an early dinner.

We decided we'd go to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Arlington, VA, since it was somewhat on the way into DC for the game. When we arrived at the restaurant we were seated immediately. We ordered our food and began talking, topic of discussion: engagement rings. Humberto wanted me to describe my ideal ring. This wasn't an unusual request, we had talked about getting engaged before. So I said in the future I'd probably want to go see some rings. After Humberto insisted on details, I gave him a few ring ideas. While I was describing the ring Humberto interjected "If you put that ring in a box would it look like this?" and as he was saying that he pulled out a little blue box with a white bow. I recognized immediately it was a Tiffany box.

By then I was in shock. I couldn't imagine that he had already gotten a ring. Humberto continued, "I want you to take this as a promise for eternal love." At that point I opened the box and Humberto said, "Will you marry me?" Of course I said yes, so Humberto put the ring on my finger, we hugged, kissed, and then cried together.

After we both regained composure we began talking about the details leading up to the engagement. Humberto had asked my parents for their blessing and my Mom went with Humberto to pick up the ring. Humberto was paranoid that I knew about the ring so he wanted to propose immediately even though his perfect proposal (a dinner cruise) didn't work out as originally planned. Now Humberto and I road together to the restaurant, so you might be wondering where he hide the ring? Believe it or not, it was tucked into his sock hidden by his pants. He reached down as some point to retrieve the box while we were seated at the table.

Humberto later explained that he didn't get to say everything he had planned because when I started to cry he was going to cry so he shortened his speech.

After dinner we headed into DC to go watch the National's play. The weather was humid and we had rain on and off, but nothing could ruin our day. The game really picked up in the 7th inning and the home team ended up winning! After the game we headed to Rustico in Alexandria, VA for a drink. It was a long emotional day and one we both will never forget.

Newlyweds for: 3441 days